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Pay America’s Servicing Company Mortgage Online

Americas Servicing Company Logo

America’s Servicing Company (ASC) is a division of Wells Fargo & Company – an American multinational banking and financial services holding company. America’s Servicing Company is completely dedicated for the purpose of mortgage loans. According to Wells Fargo, the name was chosen because their competitor’s do not want the Wells Fargo name associated with their loans. Currently, with the help of ASC, Wells ... Read More »

Pay T.J.Maxx Credit Card Bill Online

TJMaxx.com Logo

TJMaxx, a part of TJX companies, is an America based clothing and fashion accessories store. It is also known as TJ’s. With more than 1,000 stores in the United States, TJMaxx is one of the major cloth retailers. The company is not limited to just North America. By 2012, TJMaxx stores counted to 343 in Europe. TJMaxx operates as a ... Read More »

Pay Ashley Furniture HomeStore Bill Online

Ashley Furniture HomeStores logo

Ashley Furniture HomeStore is a part of Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc which is the world’s largest home furniture manufacturer. Started in 1997 in the seclusion of Alaska, the company now runs over 520 HomeStores worldwide of which over 450 stores operates in North America alone. Ashley Furniture is now the number one furniture retailer in North America. Major products being upholstered furniture ... Read More »

Barclay Credit Card Online Activation


Barclay starts to generate and provide products for their respective customers and all sizes if businesses. They have an exclusive card feature named Contactless by which cardholders easily can pay in some places such as McDonald’s and Starbucks without inputting a Pin or swiping, but they have to hold up their cards to the card reader. For obtaining more information ... Read More »

Managing Your T-Mobile Bill Online

T Mobile Logo

T-Mobile are a one of the world’s largest mobile phone operators, providing telecommunications services to business and domestic consumers across Europe and the USA through a number of different brands. Formed in 1991, the company now employs over 36,000 staff in delivering these services, covering somewhere in the region of 250 million monthly subscribers. This translates into a lot of ... Read More »

Pay Victoria’s Secret Angel Card Bill Online

victoria's secret logo

Founded by Roy Raymond in 1977, Victoria’s Secret is a lingerie and womenswear retailer. Started just with lingerie, it became the largest retailer of lingerie in the United States. Victoria’s Secret’s product catalog includes underwear, women’s clothing, lingerie, swimwear, footwear, fragrances and beauty products. Owned wholly by publicly traded L Brands Company, it completed sales of $6.12 billion. Now the company also ... Read More »

Pay Yamaha Motors Bill Online

yamaha logo

Yamaha Motor Company is a Japanese manufacturer of motorized products which includes motorcycles, marine products such as boats and outboard motors. With a long tradition of Yamaha itself, it came into existence in 1955 upon separation from Yamaha Corporation. The company got instant acclaims from its very first bike, 125-cc YA-1, which also won the 3rd Mount Fuji Ascent Race in its class. ... Read More »

Paying Your Sears Bill Online


Officially known as Sears, Roebuck & Company, this department store located in America is among the few that have their own credit cards that are available to their customers. The company was founded in 1886 but did not start opening its retail locations until 1925. It was later purchased, and the name changed to Sears Holding and is currently the ... Read More »

Pay Old Navy Credit Bill Online


Old Navy is an American multinational retailer owned by Gap, Inc. Its retail stores cover only clothing and related accessories. Established in 1994, it grew exponentially in the second of the 1990s. In 1997, it became the first retailer to cross the $1 billion in its very first 4 years of business. By 2000, it went on to open 500 ... Read More »

Pay Duke Energy Bill Online

Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, Duke Energy (Duke-Energy.com) is the largest electric power holding corporation in the United States. Its assets also extend in the boundaries of Canada and a few Latin American nations. It owns 58,200 megawatts of base-load and peak generation. Duke Energy distributes this power across its 7.2 million customers. It serves in Kentucky, North Carolina, South ... Read More »